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To buy a copy of Shaheed Bhagat Singh Jail Diary written by himself while he was in prison and know more about our true patriot. Please email us or contact us .

Shaheed Bhagat Singh

Shaheed Bhagat Singh is an organization founded in 2017 in New Delhi with the objective of helping our martyrs family, poor children, poor people and all our country men. The one one major aim of our organization is to revive the pride amongst Indian's for the great sacrifices done by our martyr's.Unfortunately many Nobel freedom fighter's who sacrifice their lives and everything for the country but have never been honored and they lie buried in the government record books. The organization has an objective to build a martyrs museum which will showcase a collection of stories, history, pictures, belongings etc. of martyrs which will inspired youth of our country for the spirit of patriotism also the venture should afford and opportunity for the martyrs family to live life of pride in our society.


Our Charity Events

Awareness Regarding Studies

Giving the information about the benefits of education to uneducated children

Food Distribution in Villages

Helping the poor tribes in Uttrakhand region by supplying them food

Helping poor children

Nourishing the poor children who sleep on the delhi roads by giving them clothes and food

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We love to help all the children and poor people that have problems in our country. After 9 years we have achieved many goals.

Helping poor people always give the peace to the heart and contributing your effort in enhancing their future, which means a lot.


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Food and water